About the Brand

Atelium, an elemental play on the word “atelier”, is a genderless jewelry brand that is the realization of the founder’s lifelong passion to find a more quiet empowerment through design and style.  Our commitment to quality, value and accessibility is core to everything we do.  From continuously sourcing metals and stones from countries around the world to a meticulous design method and innovative spirit, our vision is to create truly versatile pieces for everyone.

About the Founder

After spending over a decade as an executive in the fashion and retail industry, Thomas returned to formal education for design in 2015.  Initially starting in menswear, he later found his passion in jewelry and spent recent years cultivating a design method that blended apparel design methods like draping to forging and metal work.  Whether it’s reconfiguring classic geometric shapes or experimenting with silhouettes entirely new, form, light, movement, color and proportion are forever present to create unequivocally modern and balanced pieces.