Part of our brand mission is to find and support organizations that have an inclusive impact to those most in need and we've chosen to start this mission with the incredible organization that is World Central Kitchen.

Today more than 50 million people in America, nearly 17 million of them children, currently face hunger – with people of color facing a disproportionate rate of food insecurity. WCK’s response during Hurricane Maria in 2017 and then this past year at the very onset of the pandemic was truly inspiring and led to my personal support of the organization. And now I am incredibly grateful to be able to announce our “Give Back” initiative.

Please visit www.wck.org to learn more about all the incredible work Chef José Andrés and his team do, which includes natural disaster response and environmental initiatives. 10% of all profits during our Launch Event and a continuing monthly contribution will go directly to this organization.

 Please reach out to us with any questions and thank you for all your love and support.  -Thomas